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Miso soup with Edamame beans and Mangetout

Refreshing and nutrient soup.


4 green onions

3 pressed garlic cloves

Chilli flakes (small amount)

1 small Miso paste pot or half of big pot

1-2 Edamame bean pots

Shiitake mushrooms (1 pack)

1 pack of Mangetout

3-4 Shushi Nori sheets (or Sushi Nori flakes)

1vegan veggie stock (optional)

1 tofu (optional)

1 pack of Rainbow Chard Leaves (optional)

Boil 1.5l of water. When is boiling add garlic, spring onion, mushrooms, Edamame beans, mangetout and chopped chard.

Add the diced tofu the boiling stock if you like.

Cook for 5 minutes, adding smaller pieces of Shushi Nori sheets. Leave to cool down little bit and take small amount of water to mix with the Miso paste until look dissolved.

Serve with wholegrain bread or toast topped with avocado spread.


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