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Janene Velvick

On 9th July 2018 I’d finally got to a point where I was sick of being an overweight couch potato and decided to get off my butt and do something about it!

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Monika at one of her jump sessions.  Believe me at first it wasn’t easy, at 17 stone ,trying to jump up and down on a trampoline but with Monika’s endless enthusiasm and encouragement and a real fun party atmosphere I was soon completely hooked!!!

I now can’t imagine spending my Friday evenings any other way 🤗 Jump has really improved my cardio and endurance so much so that I now run three times a week, as well as hiit training and have recently joined a boxercise class!!!

Thank you so much Monika and the jump team and I look for to the next year of jumping around like a crazy person to some awesome tunes with great people ❤️

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Kate Lin

My JUMP-IN journey 

Before I had my first baby in 2010, I was quite active going to spinning and body pump classes. After my second baby I had gone up a dress size (and a bit!) so tried to get back into exercise by doing body attack.

Between work and family I could only manage one class a week and after a while my knees started to suffer from the impact, so when a friend suggested coming to JUMP-IN I thought I’d give it a go. That was two years ago. I’ve lost over two stone and am now a size 8. I’m slimmer than when I got married!

I love JUMP-IN for so many reasons. The fantastic trainers who are so friendly, welcoming and really know their stuff. The great choreography, which changes (though not so often that I get confused) so the classes never get boring. The music which is a mixture of current chart hits plus thumping beats to get my heart pumping. The trampoline is soft on my knees so I’ve had none of the problems I experienced in body attack. The choice of dates and times of the classes is excellent so I can fit in two classes a week. And last but not least the amazing friends I have made through JUMP-IN! I looked forward to my sessions each week and only miss one for very special occasions. They’re a great social event as well as a super fun way to keep fit!

Before: Nov 2016. After: May 2019


Rosheene McClintock

“I need to start with a confession: I am the worlds biggest exercise-phobic. I can count on one hand the amount of times I did PE at school and I carried on in the same vein. 
I started off doing Jump as I thought it looked like a laugh and convinced someone to tag along with me. I loved it instantly and started going once a week, although it took quite a while to be in control of my arms and legs simultaneously (confession number two: I am NOT coordinated, nor do I particularly have any control of my limbs). I loved the music, high energy and knowing I was doing something good for my mind and body. 
I stopped going for nearly a year and ventured back after 6 months of forcing myself to the gym without much result or joy. 
I have lost over 3 stone since jumping regularly, my t-Rex arms actually have tiny little muscles, I am fitter, stronger, not to mention more coordinated! No matter how I am feeling, once I’m on the trampoline and the music starts I can feel my mood lift. 
I feel energised after every session, I am more confident in myself and don’t actively avoid mirrors. I am grateful for Moni and team for their endlessly positive energy and encouragement.”


Szilvia Racz

In 2011 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. It was so hard to accept it but I did not have another choice...


I had my first son in 2014 and my second son in 2016 and both of them were emergency-C section, meaning I couldn't do any exercise for a very long time.  Suddenly it was 5 years later and I had unfortunately gained a lot 😭
I hated myself,but the thyroid was one of the reason I could not loose weight easily.  I found gym boring and I gave up very quickly.
Then nearly two years ago our friends Betti and Gabi suggested to coming to try JUMP-IN. I thought "why not". 
Since then I am much slimmer, happier, more energetic and "the most important" ADDICTED TO JUMP-IN ❤

Moni,Betti-Gabi and Serena are give me positive energy, smile, love; The best instructors ever 😘
Between work and family I can only manage one class a week,but I WOULD NOT MISS FOR ANYTHING 😋❤
I am so grateful to all four of you 😘😘

Lucy Mugford

I honestly thought it would be impossible to find something I love as much as playing netball (or something that makes me sweat just as much, if not more 😅) and then I was introduced to Jump In!
I'm always banging on about looking after your mental health and that your mental health is just as important as your physical health and jump helps me look after both, which is just amazing. 

Since starting Jump I've lost weight, gained confidence and stopped worrying about my knees so much (after having 2 knee surgeries it's sometimes hard to exercise without worrying) 🤓

Big thanks to all the wonderful instructors who are helping me be the best me possible ♥️ #thisgirlcan

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