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Beetroot Creamy Cashew Salad

Lush and creamy salad full of nutrients


Pickled sliced beetroot (half big glass, can be also cooked beetroot)

2 courgettes sliced with skin

1 pack of wild rocket or watercress

100-150g raw cashew nuts blend

50-100g pumpkin seeds blend

3-5 garlic cloves

1-2 sticks of green celery

hand or 2 full of walnuts chopped

optional: balsamic dark glaze for decorating and adding more sour taste


Simply layer wild rocket or watercress, sliced courgettes, add sliced beetroot.

Blend together cashew nuts with pumpkin seeds, garlic and green celery plus water to make it creamy, not watery. Add salt if you desire. Add some of the cream on the top of salad and mix slightly. Add more on the top, add chopped walnuts, beetroot juice and dark balsamic glaze. Enjoy the extraordinary fresh taste.


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